This project is an initiative to work with local churches to offer evangelism and outreach training. Just imagine what would happen if even 10% of a church body became embolded and empassioned to share the Gospel. The sad state of the American church is that many churches don't even focus on sharing the Gospel. There has been great advancements in creating a seeker-friendly enviroment and providing an entertaining church experience. Many churches have even developed incredible teaching ministries. However, very few churches are experiencing the power of the Gospel and even fewer are successfuly equipping thier members to proclaim the Gospel in their personal lives. 


The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Its simple, if the Gospel is not preached, people can't hear it, if they can't hear it, they can't experience it. Believing in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins, is the only way that a person can be forgiven, made spiritually alive, and spend eternity with God in heaven. 


God desires his people to unashamadly bring the message of Christ wherever they go. This project is an effort to help this happen.


We want to help churches and individuals be equip with the knowledge and confidence share the Gospel. There is truly nothing more blessed than being able to be used by God to bring His love to another person Through the message of the cross.



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