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ACTS TWO is a university outreach ministry. It is acronym for Activating Christians. Transforming Students To Win Others.

College campuses are very hostile to the Gospel. Many campus ministries are focused on creating a safe haven for the Christian students that come to campus, however, there is very little Gospel outreach that the major college ministries do. It is our desire to help Christians that are on campus and off campus to embrace the call to evangelize the college campus. Right now, we are just centered in Tucson, but it would be our hope and prayer that we could have impact on more than just our local university. Our goal is to reach students with the Gospel and for them to come into right relationship with Jesus Christ and to then share the Gospel with their friends and peers.

What makes us different? We are seeking to reach the students that will never walk into a church, never walk into a Christian club, and are being pulled by the stream of the culture. Everyday we are on the university, everyone on the team has many powerful testimonies of sharing the Gospel with college students

-We do one on one evangelism

-We do open air preaching

-We do apologetics 

-We do follow up and discipleship with the students that are interested

Below are some videos showing some of the videos of the preaching and evangelism that takes place. Please consider helping us reach college students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a team of 5 full time missionaries and even more people that come to volunteer to reach these students for Jesus Christ.

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