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For Churches

We desire to partner with any churches that have a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and revival. As our ministry expands we will be offering more resources. However, we currently offer


Evangelism Training- This is part of our IgniteUSA project. We want to help your congregation be passionate, emboldened, and equipped to share the Gospel. As members in a church do this, it can be a source of new life flowing into the church.


Outreach Coordination- Outreach into the community is a necessary component of any church's community. We want to help your church know how to better target your community, meet the communities specific needs, and develop a follow up system with the people your outreach ministers to. Oftentimes, a church may need a "jump-start" to its strategy to do outreach. We want to provide it.

Church Revitalization- We will come to your church conduct statistic and demographic research and then analyze it. Oftentimes, churches fail to have insightful information pertaining to those that attend and what could be done to create greater church involvement and stronger community. We would love to help you with that. If you would like to see a case study we have done please email us. 


Discipleship Strategy and Training- God calls churches to make disciples. Though church attenders are a good thing, disciples that have a firm foundation in their faith in Christ and are actively pursuing God's specific call for their lives is better. We want to help you strategize ways that you can help people that attend your church become completely committed followers of Christ that can enabled to serve the church body.


Evangelism Opportunities- We offer many different opportunities for individuals to join us as we do street witnessing and evangelism. We would love if your church partnered with our efforts to bring the Gospel to the community.


Outreach Opportunities- As our ministry grows, we are seeking more and more opportunities to do outreach. We would love if you or members of your congregation partnered with us as we conduct outreach events.


Though we are currently located in Tucson, AZ. We are open to working with churches and Christian organizations outside of Tucson and Arizona.


If you are interested in any of the above ways that we can help your church, please click contact us below.









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