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Pima County Fair Outreach 2022

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This April 21 - May 1. Kingdom Enterprises is doing an evangelistic outreach at the Pima County Fair.

3 years ago was the last time we were at the fair. It was cancelled due to Covid. It was filled with incredible experience. We saw many people pray to invite Christ into their lives. We handed out several thousand tracts and gave out a lot of New Testaments and Gospel of Johns. We also had people come and learn to share the Gospel in a public venue.

Why do we do this fair outreach?

Around 324,000 people go through the fair each year. We want to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

"Haven't all of these people heard the Gospel? I mean we are in America?"

The truth is that roughly 80% of the people that we talk with are more or less clueless about the Gospel message. Sure, maybe they have gone to church and they have come across a few things, but they do not understand the sacrifice of Christ, the need to repent of sin and be baptized, and the truth that God has a purpose He wants to fulfill in their lives. We do this outreach in order to preach the Gospel and show the love of God to whoever we are able to at the fair.

We purchased this space at the fair so that we could engage as many people as possible. Each life is valuable to God and we want to be in the center of a dark place (the fair is pretty dark) and shine the light of Christ and spread the Kingdom of God. The event is 11 days straight and we will be there all day through the evening evangelizing.

We Need Your Help

We are currently fundraising for this event. Just some of the expenses are the cost of the space, the insurance we have to buy to participate at the fair, the cost of Gospel tracts, the cost of Bibles, and other logistic costs (and depending upon support raised we may be able to give out water bottles to further have "door opening" conversations about Jesus, aka "The Living Water").

We are trying to raise $4,000.

All of our evangelistic outreaches are funded by Christians who want to support our efforts to reach the lost. If you are able, we would like to ask you to partner with us in this evangelistic outreach. You can do so by clicking the donate button below. We are a 501-c3, board governed ministry. All donations are tax deductible and all donations are greatly appreciated.

We would also like to ask for your prayers over several specific things. Please pray that the weather is great. No rain means more people. Also the less wind the better.


We would also like to ask you to pray that the Lord would begin to work on the hearts of the vendors around us. We will be seeing them everyday and would like divine opportunities to minister to them, favor in our interactions, and unity if they are believers as well.


Please pray in the next coming weeks that we are able to amass more volunteers to join us, especially first time volunteers so that we can teach them how to share the Gospel.


Lastly, please pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those who we will be connecting with everyday.

Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers. Praise the Lord!!!

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