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Mission Statement

To impact this world through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is our mission and this is our purpose.



Life is all about knowing Jesus Christ personally. He is the only reason that we can have a right relationship with God. 2000 years ago, God came down in the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and lived a perfect sinless life and gave his life as a sacrifice for your ,mine, and the entire world's sin and rebellion against God. He died a miserable death on a cross experiencing the penalty four our sins so that you and I can have forgiveness and true life which is only found in God. The story doesn't end there; Jesus Christ conquered sin on the cross and death and the grave when He rose from the dead.


This ministry exists to further the Kingdom of God. We seek to be Christ centered and Spirit-led. We don't believe in a ministry model that is man-centered. 


There are five core principles that we have adopted as a ministry


 1) We want to be Christ centered in everything we do.


 2) We want to be Spirit led, relying on the Holy Spirit for direction, guidance, and ability. 


 3) We desire to be innovative in our projects. 


 4) We desire to work in unity with any denomination or Christian group that                  acknowledges the basic tenants of the Christian faith even if there are subtle            disagreements on secondary theological issues.

 5) We commit to displaying the love of Christ, uncompromisingly standing on the truth of God's word, and doing everything in our ability to impact this world for Christ.





We also understand that there is place for innovation in ministry. We live in a era where there are exiting new possibilities all the time. It is one of the benefits of living in a nation like the United States of America.


We as a ministry believe that there are strategies that can be used to effect change and transformation through the power of the Gospel in cities and communities that are not being utilized. Sometimes, the "same old same old" does not always work. Statistics (see here) show that Christianity is in fact in decline in our country. We believe that a commitment to the Gospel message and innovative strategies is the key to transforming communities, cities, and this country.




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