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The Vision of Kingdom Enterprises is to eventually become a multi-faceted ministry that is able to further the Gospel in local communities and help equip believers to fulfill the Great Commission.


We seek to keep our vision Christ centered and our ministry efforts Holy Spirit empowered. Though we want to grow as an organization and ministry, we are determined to adhere to sound Biblical doctrine and sound biblical practice.



Our primary focus is to be evangelistic. Our secondary focus is discipleship. 


Evangelism is a lost practice in the 21st century church. When the disciples proclaimed Christ, it transformed lives. Evangelism is central to the Great Commission. If God desires His people to spread the Gospel, but they don't, it results in a Christianity that is passionless, stagnant, and powerless. Christ came to bring salvation to the lost. There is no greater joy than when Christians in the body of Christ work together to impact their communities. God is a "missional" God. So to properly be His people, we must be "missional" people. 


Making disciples is also a necessary part of fulfilling the Great Commission. God calls each individual with a specific calling and ability to glorify him. Oftentimes, people come to Christ and that's it. They never are encouraged to develop the gifting and skills that will help them further the Kingdom of God. Because of this, we also believe that we as an organization should help equip churches and believers to better be able to disciple individuals that God has put in their lives.



Below are a list of projects that are we are working towards in the next few years


1) Launch Kingdom Enterprises -September 2015 (Completed)




3) Discipleship Ministries - by July 2016 (actually ahead of schedule and launched October 2015)

 This is the discipleship aspect of the ministry. We want to help churches develop strong discipleship              programs. We also provide discipleship resources and opportunities for those that come in touch with          our ministry. As of summer 2016 our ministry has also started our own discipleship groups to those we meet.


4)City Wide Evangelism - By Spring 2017 we hope to have reached every house hold in the Tucson area with the Gospel through having churches getting involved in reaching those right in their community

5)TEL - an initiative to bring Gospel centered pastors and ministries together to impact the city.

6)Ongoing - raise up local US missionaries to work with churches, spread the Gospel, and reach their communities 


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