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Current Projects


This is our city wide project to kickstart evangelism throughout the city

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Its simple, if the Gospel is not preached, people can't hear it, if they can't hear it, they can't experience it. Believing in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins, is the only way that a person can be forgiven, made spiritually alive, and spend eternity with God in heaven. 


Sadly, many Christians in America have a hard time sharing Christ with the people in their lives.Many churches do not have any focus on equipping their members to share the Gospel. This is resulting in Christianity's decline in America.

We desire to partner with any churches that have a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and revival.


We offer Evangelism training and outreach opportunities. We also seek to help equip churches to create a thriving outreach strategy within their own churhc bodies.

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Discipleship is a vital aspect to Christian ministry. We seek follow-up contact with those we minister to and try to get them plugged into a local church.


We have also begun a weekly men's fellowship to invite men to in order to help new men believers become solidly rooted in Jesus Christ 

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Current Outreach

 - Park/Mall Ministry

 - University Ministry

 - Planned Parenthood

 - Downtown
- Large Events 

We as a ministry also conduct evangelism and outreach in the greater Tucson area.


Most of the outreach entail personal evangelism and handing out Gospel tracts.


Please lift us up in prayer because street witnessing and evangelism outreach is frontlines work. We run into a lot of different type of people, some open to the Gospel, others not so much.


We also attempt to get the people we meet plugged into a church if they are willing.

If you would like to support our outreach attempts financially we would greatly appreciate it. Some of our expenses include rental spots at venues we evangelize at, gospel tracts, supplies, gas, etc. If you feel led to donate please do.

Also, if you are interested in coming out with us or want to gain some experience doing outreach, please contact us. We would love to have you.

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