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This year we are doing 18 Day Christmas Outreach from Dec. 8th through Dec. 26th. It is every night from 530PM to 10PM.

It is a miracle that this year's outreach has come together. The home that was allowing us to use their property declined to let us use their driveway this year.

This led me to do a 10 day water fast and we only found a place to do the outreach less than a week before it starts.

We will, again, be giving out free hot chocolate to people walking by in order to create open doors for us to share the Gospel.

Last year we gave out over 6400 cups of hot chocolate. We gave out just as many Gospel tracts and with a majority of the people, we were able to engage them relationally and conversationally with the Gospel.

This year we are on the main road. I am estimating that we will have triple the impact. We will likely need supplies and volunteers for over 15,000 people.

Out of all the outreach and evangelism I do year-round, this outreach is definitely the time where people are most receptive to hearing about Jesus Christ. I was blown away by how God was moving last year. All of the volunteers had very good experiences and enjoyed the time.


This year, we are expecting to impact even more people and have to have even more supplies. If you want to volunteer, call or text David at 520-477-7753


It would greatly help us if you were able to support this outreach endeavor. If you feel led to do so, please click the donate button. This year especially we need support. I already bought 500lbs of hot chocolate mix and I think we may actually need more like 1500lbs (as crazy as that seems).

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A thank you video to the elderly woman who allowed us to use her home and yard last year

A testimony of a girl we prayed for

Below is the story of how I was able to find the home two years ago. It truly is miraculous.

"Winterhaven Outreach 2016


We serve a God of miracles that is sovereign and in control at all times! In the last newsletter I mentioned that we were looking to do a Winterhaven Outreach. We had begun to scope out the area. There was one house that responded to our initial efforts. The only downside was that this house did not want anyone sharing the Gospel from their space. They only wanted a Christian presence and some Christian things in their yard. While we believe in being sensitive to Holy Spirit with the purpose of "speaking the truth in love," because the thrust of Kingdom Enterprises is "boldly" sharing and "proclaiming" the Gospel, knowing full well that it "is the power of God unto salvation," this was not something we could agree to compromise about. At times during the week and on weekends, I began to go to Winterhaven to pray and begin going door to door to find a place that would allow us to set up for full-blown outreach and ministry in their yard.


The first house I came to was that of a Buddhist woman who said she was open to letting us set up in her front yard. I was somewhat suprised at this and so I reiterated that we were a "Christian ministry" and we would be sharing with people the good news about God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ. Suddenly, her attitude changed dramatically and she curtly said "Oh, well, in that case, no, we are not interested." I went from house to house. Many people flat-out rejected me. Even "Christians" by name or denominational alffiation were completely closed off to even considering helping our efforts to serve the cause of Christ. I knew in my heart God had called Kingdom Enterprises to be at Winterhaven. I kept going door-to-door-to-door. Nothing!!! There was even a sincere Christian family that said they believed in what we would be doing, but they did not want to help or get involved. As the the time drew closer and closer, I began to escalate my praying and door-to-door efforts. The day the event was giong to start, on December 10th, I still had no one interested and no one willing to let us set up on their property. I went to a men's bible study early that Saturday morning, after which, I had this urge to go to Winterhaven and just pray. I was a little burnt-out from going door-to-door the previous days and being rejected time after time.


There was even one family that seemed like they would be the perfect fit. They were renovating their house in Winterhaven and no one was living there. No one could even possibly be disturbed. And even though the mom said that she thought what I was doing was great, she never got back to me after meeting with her twice. So, the day the event was to begin, I was beginning to feel like maybe I had misheard the Lord. I had thought that everything was going to come together, but none of my effort accomplished much other than sharing the Gospel with people as I went door-to-door and having the opportunity to challenge a few Christians about the possiblity of impacting thousands of lives this Christmas season. As I prayed in my car, I began to even hear things saying "David. You just did not hear God on this one. Just come home. You gave it your best shot. What can you do if there is no one in a neighborhood that wants to serve God this Christmas?" I just said "God I surrender to you. If you want this to happen, its going to have to be you." I began to do a little more door-to-door asking. Everyone was still not interested. I began to drive around and write notes to the few houses that had mangers in their yard but at which no one was home. Right as I was about to leave, I said "I'm going to drive around and just pray." And, then it happened...... I came to a cul-de-sac that I had previously not been down (someone had told me the cul-de-sacs were no good because too few people came down them - which ended up being totally incorrect). In one of the yards, I saw an incredible display with great Bible verses on it, mostly the Isaiah 53 suffering servant prophetic passages (see photo below).

 I approached the house and the residents who were working on the display in their yard. I came up and spoke to one of them, a college-age girl, and told her that I loved the Bible verses. I told the girl what Kingdom Enteprises was trying to do and she said that I should ask her dad if it would be okay to set up in their yard for the Christmas season. As I met the dad, he looked very familiar. As we shook hands, I said, "I have met you before." He looked at me and said "David, I was your middle-school basketball coach." It had been at Palo Verde Christian Middle School at the time and this was his mother's house and they were completely onboard with allowing us to do evangelism from their front yard during the festival and with handing out free hot chocolate and coffee. I had not even seen my coach once in 12 whole years since I had been in middle school . But right when I was completely at the end of my ability and effort, God directed me to the house that was his mother's house in Winterhaven with him right there decorating the yard and literally made this outreach happen. It was a total miracle! God is so good and worthy to be praised!! Hallelujah!!!


The outreach was a total success. We had many volunteers from at least 6 different churches throughout our time there. All working in unity and harmony without any conflict or division each serving the Lord as they felt prayerfully-led by Him . Each night we had the chance to share the Gospel with several hundred people. We handed out thousands of cups of hot chocolate and coffee during the course of the event and we saw many people pray to invite Christ into their lives. It was such a blessing. I want to thank everyone who donated and volunteered. You guys were used by God greatly and mightily to make this outreach happen.


Thousands of lives were touched for Christ this Christmas through this outreach and because of your help. Even countless Christians were greatly encouraged and thanked and encouraged us for having a solid Christian witness and prescence in what has become an almost totally secularized and "universalized" event. The website advertises on an answer to an FAQ: "Q: Is the Festival of Lights a Christmas celebration? A: The Festival of Lights is a celebration for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Light is a common theme among many of the major religions of the world. Winterhaven's Festival of Light is a gift to all." Well, by the grace of God, Winterhaven had an area set aside that represented not "one of many lights," but "The Light... The Light of the World that lights everyone who comes into the world... the True Light that was, and is, and is to come."


Thanks to your prayers, encouragement, help and financial support, Jesus Christ was properly represented at Winterhaven Tucson 2016 and we can't thank you enough for helping to make it all possible. Now, I am in the post-outreach process of following up with people. We connected with a great number of people that are interested in coming to our weekly Bible studies and want additional follow up. Not only do we reach out evangelistically but we follow-through with getting people churched, ministered to regarding their needs to whatever degree we are capable, and discipled so they can get started on their journey of being prepared to win and disciple others. Thanks again.

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