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Summer Matching Grant

Kingdom Enterprises has been blessed to receive an incredible opportunity. Someone is willing to do a matching grant for the summer . The reason for the grant is to help us have the finances to lease a ministry headquarters.

This means every dollar donated will be doubled.

For about two years, I have been praying that God would open the door for finances to begin to lease a place for a ministry headquarters.

The vision of this place would be a ministry headquarters that could be used all week long for evangelism training and discipleship. Christians from different churches would be coming together to use the location to grow in evangelistic ability and to have a place where discipleship could take place with people that we share the Gospel with on our outreaches. It would be a place where community could occur at a much more real, consistent, and organic level than what usually occurs in a church service. It would also be a place where different Christians from the area could work together to reach Tucson and soon the Southern Arizona region

We have never had an opportunity like this. As a ministry we have never dealt with a project this big. I would like to ask that you would pray about donating to this project. Each dollar will be matched which means your donation will have double impact.

Being able to have a space to rent/lease would be an incredible breakthrough for the ministry. With all that being said, I never want anyone to feel pressured into giving. I always want giving to be from a place of the right motivation, especially because of the horrible representations that most bigger ministries and televangelists present through their desire for increased finances for personal gain and wasted money on inappropriate luxuries .
My ultimate goal while fundraising is to maintain integrity, purity, and innocence, as well as honoring God, while fulfilling my responsibility to make the request known. So would you be willing to pray about contributing to help me reach the $25,000+ grant amount?

If you feel led to give you can do so by clicking the donate button below. If you would like to donate a larger amount and want to allow us to avoid the Paypal fees please reach out to us by emailing at

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