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Living In The Kingdom of God: What does it look like?

What does it mean to be part of the Kingdom of God?

If we are in Christ's kingdom, that means that we are His subjects. We must obey, we must work, we must live in a way that honors our king. However, unlike earthly kingdoms, each person in God's kingdom is actually considered a son or daughter. When you are part of God's kingdom, you actually get full access to Him. This is because when we experience salvation in Christ, we are literally adopted into the family of God. Our old nature is passing away, and our new nature is actually derived from the very nature of God. Though its a process, God is actually making us into a people that reflects His very nature and Godly attributes.

So to be part of God's kingdom is to grow in love, holiness, understanding of truth, joy, peace, grace, faith, and unity. If we are not growing in these ways there is a problem.1) We are either under bondage from satan who wants to destroy us. The good news is that Christ can break the strongest stronghold with just a whisper of his voice. 2) We are holding on to our old nature because we fear what God wants to do in us. This is not good because it reflects the reality that we have not truly experienced (or have forgotten) the love of God, because 1 John says that perfect love casts out fear. 3) We have actually never become citizens of God's kingdom. Christ is the gate and unless we have truly gone through him, we are not in the kingdom. Even close by to God's kingdom is a lot better than in the heart of satan's territory. But the devil is content in letting people live next to the kingdom in a false contentment that they are really part of it. The only way that one can be part of God's kingdom is to live in it. Outside the wall doesn't count.

So let us strive to live in the Kingdom. To walk in the Kingdom. If you are a Christian, you are a son or daughter of the living God. That means that you actually have certain rights. You don't have to live oppressed. You don't have to live in doubt. You don't have to live in depression. Will our earthly lives be perfect, no. Will we be able to avoid dificulty, no. Will our minds and bodies sometimes fall and be weak, yes. However, God wants to take us from faith to faith and glory to glory. Jesus crushed satan's power. So if you are struggling today and the devil is causing it, rise up in the authority as a son or daughter of Christ and stomp on him. He has been put underneath Christ's feet and because we are in Christ, our feet.

God does require us to allow him to remove compromise. Certain compromises can be open doors for the devil to gain access and "false" authority in our lives. These compromises can be subtle: doubt, unbelief, anger, hatred, laziness, lust, pride, etc. We can't overcome them in our own strength, but if we are part of God's Kingdom, He has full authority over ever square inch. Today can be a day of victory regardless of your struggle and regardless of the devil's lies that you have already tried to think like this and it didn't work.

Being part of the Kingdom also requires us to have several different roles. We have to be warriors, ambassadors, doctors, teachers, and family members as God leads us. We have to be warriors against the devil and his lies attempting to ensnare souls.

Warriors don't show mercy to their enemies. We don't fight against flesh and blood, our enemies are not people, but demonic spirits and "vain imaginations" (i.e. lies, false hood, wickedness).

We have to be ambassadors because though we are part of the Kingdom and our home is made there, we are also sent into the world to lead others to become citizens along with us. This means that we have to reflect our King. We have to reflect Him accurately. Both His love and holiness.

We must be doctors at times because of the fact that there are many people who are afflicted in this life. There are many that have been oppressed and trampled upon. God calls us to be instruments of His Kingdom by bringing a healing touch, and freeing encounter, into their lives (most often spiritually, but physical healing is for today too).

At times we must be teachers helping those that are confused (both citizens of the kingdom and those outside of the kingdom) come to understanding. Most all deception starts with a lie. We are to teach the truth through our words, actions, and innactions (what we don't do can say a lot too)

Finally, but not least, we have to to be family members. Being part of the Kingdom of God means that we are adopted into the body of Christ. This means that we are to see other people in God's Kingdom as our own family members. Ts we should interact in love and care for another at all times.

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