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Evangelism 101

The first and most foundational principle of all evangelism is this – Evangelism is what each Christian is called to do.

The second most foundational principle is this – Salvation is a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. When you share the Gospel with someone, God is not calling "you" to save them, but to simply be obedient in stepping out and allowing the Holy Spirit to operate.

The purpose of this post is to present several practical ways for each person reading this to begin to fulfill, or to better fulfill, the Great Commission.

For the Beginner - “I’m a beginner with no experience sharing the Gospel.” –

If you fall into this category, it’s okay. Every successful evangelist was once a beginner without much experience, knowledge, or confidence. The first step in sharing the Gospel is stepping out of your comfort zone. All too often the busyness of life can cause us to be very internally focused and only worried about accomplishing our own tasks and responsibilities. God wants each believer to love others enough to share the Gospel with them. Being too busy to share the Gospel is not good and is not really an acceptable excuse to God.

The biggest road block that will keep someone from sharing their faith is fear. The devil has a dual motive in keeping a believer afraid. If fear keeps a person from evangelism, Satan not only keeps the lost from hearing the Gospel, but he also successfully keeps a Christian from the blessing and growth that evangelism brings in his, or her, own personal life.

The first step in evangelism for the beginner is to make a commitment to step out and begin to share the Gospel. You should pray and ask God to help you break free of any spiritual stagnancy or fear that is hindering you. After this, make a practical and realistic goal to start off with. Maybe that is sharing the Gospel with one person a week. You have to start somewhere.

The truth is that as soon as you begin to step out in faith and confidence, sharing the Gospel gets easier and easier. If you feel fear, you must remember it’s from Satan. "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of love, power, and a sound mind.” In the past, when I have felt fear, I would immediately begin to pray, along with binding and taking authority over any spirit of fear hindering me. I would then ask that the Holy Spirit would fill me with boldness. When you are just starting out, you must never be afraid of messing up.

The second step is to memorize a brief explanation of the Gospel. You never want to be long-winded or over-share with a person. Remember just the simple Gospel opens doors and allows the Holy Spirit to work in your witness. A minister’s best friend, aside from the Holy Spirit, is questions. If you want some of the best evangelism questions that we use in our ministry, please contact us.

Some very good things to have when you are just beginning are Gospel tracts. They can be great ice-breakers. Some Gospel tracts are great, others are so-so. If you would like some advice on some good Gospel tracts to use and the best way to use them as icebreakers, please feel free to contact us

For the Intermediate -“I have some experience sharing the Gospel but I have a desire to grow in my ability.” –

The way to grow in evangelistic ability is to do evangelism as much as possible. The best evangelist is the one that is open to the Holy Spirit nudging them to share the Gospel anytime, anywhere. As you go about your daily activities be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The truth is that God oftentimes will put people right in your path that he wants you to share the Gospel with. The next time the bank teller or store clerk is especially talkative with you and there is not an enormous line, see it as an opportunity God is giving you.

If you have a passion for evangelism, try to stir that passion in other Christians as well. By doing this, you will have much greater impact in your community than if you are only concerned with your personal ability to share your faith. By helping others grow in their ability, you will actually help yourself become more confident and sure in your own witness.

When witnessing to others be open to asking them questions if this will help you know how to better pinpoint how the Holy Spirit wants you to proceed. When you have some experience sharing the Gospel, it is okay to branch out into asking more challenging questions.

Lifestyle-evangelism, which entails kind-of-being an example by the way you live, is great, but it is an incredible blessing to set aside specific time to reach the lost with the actual Gospel. You could do something as simple as going to Walmart, or a park, with the sole intention of reaching people that God leads you to.

For the Professional – “I'm either a minister, or a laymen, that has a lot of experience sharing the Gospel, and I love to do it daily.’

If you fall into this category, the best way to grow in evangelism is to help equip other Christians to share their faith and to disciple them by leading them in evangelistic events. The first thing to do is to start with one or two people that would like to learn how to share their faith. Help equip them with the basics and then have them join you so they can see first-hand how to do evangelism.

Encourage them to step out even if they mess up or say something wrong. The worst thing that can happen when someone begins to share their faith is to have a more experienced Christian tear them down for a mistake.

Look at a local event calendar and choose a few events in your community that you believe God is calling you to reach. If you are a minister at a church, you need to realize how little outreach and evangelism occurs within the local community. Some examples of events that we have ministered at here in Tucson, AZ, are the local county fair, the annual winter festival, the University of Arizona book fair, and others. The thing to look for is an event that will have many people.

When you are an experienced evangelist, it is important to try to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your evangelistic ministry. Preaching the Gospel is always to remain central, but God wants us to not be afraid to pray for healing, have words of wisdom and of knowledge, or to even cast out demons, if necessary.

Kingdom Enterprises is a local outreach and evangelism ministry. It is our purpose to help equip individual Christians and local churches and ministries to better be able to share the Gospel. If you would like to financially partner with us you can do so by going to If you have any questions, comments, or would like us to help you or your church kick-start an outreach and evangelism ministry please contact us. We would love to help!

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